We are open in June 2022 for submissions.

Monster Ivy is dedicated to clean fiction with a darker bite, rated PG-13 or less. We are happy to review anything that fits our guidelines. We will NOT accept erotica. 

Please submit your query letter, synopsis, and the first five chapters of your manuscript to one of our acquisitions editors. Follow standard formatting guidelines ( 

Submit to one of our acquisitions editors:

Rhett Steadman

Rhett is accepting thrillers, horror, and paranormal fiction. Rhett wants to flip through pages with a maniacal need to know how a book ends. He wants to find a page-turning story that dives deep into what it means to be human. He loves laying awake at night trying to shake a terrifying and intense scene.

Amanda Logan

Amanda is accepting YA fantasy fiction. Amanda loves fantasy stories with intricate world-building and well-crafted magic systems. A couple of her favorite tropes are found family and slow burn romance. She’d love to see a fantasy like The Mirror Visitor Quartet. 

Addison Gardner

Addison is on the lookout for middle-grade and adult fantasy novels. Addison loves fantasy with magic world-building, amazing creatures, and adventure. A little enemy-to-lovers is always appreciated. Sneak some humor in there if you can.

Elizabeth Drysdale

Elizabeth is accepting science fiction, dystopian, historical, and women's fiction. Elizabeth loves sci fi and dystopian/falling Utopian world adventures. She’d like to experience a sense of horror but without tons of gore and loves romance as a big or small part of the plot. She’d love to find the next Cinder, Red Queen, Uglies, Shatter Me, The Program, or Under the Never Sky.

Michelle Carpenter

Agented submissions and requested submissions should be sent to Michelle. If you have met us at a conference or are a Monster Ivy reviewer, send it to her.


Michelle will also be accepting romcoms, Christian fiction, nonfiction, and any genres that aren't handled by the other editors. She loves romcoms with quirky protagonists, Christian fiction that tackles tough subjects, and nonfiction memoirs about finding hope in dark places. Give her the next Cokeville Miracle, Unplanned, Kissing Booth, or Tweet Cute.