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A heartrending story of first love, possibility, and rewriting our destinies, this YA romance captures the ache of Laura Nowlin with a romantic innocence reminiscent of Jenny Han.


Marcus is destined for big things. He's a star soccer player, straight-A student, and gorgeous beyond the hopes of most girls. Especially since they're off limits. Because of his detective dad's painful past with women, Marcus made a bet with him to avoid girls until after high school. So far, so good.


Mei Li's world is anything but bright. She's a pawn in a dangerous game to keep her and her family in America but dreams of a very different life. However, dreams turn to fear when she discovers the guy she's supposed to trust with her heart is more disturbed than she could ever imagine.


Even though Mei Li and Marcus live around the corner from each other in San Francisco's Chinatown, the only thing they have in common is a trolley stop. Until the day they step through the same shop door and into a new possibility.


What starts as secret notes and texts quickly becomes a desperate attempt to be together. But together is impossible. Opposing futures, a tangle of dark connections, and one big secret come between them, forcing them to risk their safety for love or leave the possibility of together behind forever.

The Other Side of Together

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