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Kissing: A glorious pastime.

High school student Camille Collins' favorite hobby is kissing her boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan's a decent guy, but he's got his sights on something more. So he dumps Camille and spreads a rumor that she's a bad kisser.

With the help of BFFs Hayley and Kaitlyn, Camille devises a perfect plan to prove Dylan wrong—a kiss list. Perfect kisses with a few of the hottest guys in school would leave too much evidence for anyone to deny.

Camille can't wait for the flirting and freedom to begin, but with the sudden hate from her former softball teammates, social media blow-ups, and a distant mom, things aren't turning out as fun as she'd hoped, making her wonder if creating the kiss list was a form of social suicide.

Sara Jo Cluff's The Kiss List explores finding and losing yourself in relationships, when to set healthy boundaries, and how to forgive others.

For fans of Easy A and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

The Kiss List by Sara Jo Cluff

  • Review

    "I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though the main characters were in high school, I could still relate to the issues Camille was facing. I'm not sure we ever outgrow our need to fit in and be part of the crowd. I also think this book shed some light on the problems with social media in society. Pictures can be deceiving and we should all remember that just because we see a moment captured in someone's life, it doesn't necessarily represent who they truly are. And, just because everyone around us is following the crowd doesn't mean their going in the right direction. Also, I feel like Sara Jo and I could be great friends.....I've been in love with Dr. Pepper since my early teens when I first tried it." - Chrissy, Amazon

    "A fun read full of complex relationships, cute boys, and a heroine that is delightfully flawed." - Marla, Amazon

    "This is a cute YA story with a HEA. Camille, cute popular high schooler with the perfect boyfriend soon finds out that her world is built on sand and it all comes tumbling down. As she tries to uncover the old Camille, others are tryig to keep her down. This story made me think of things I might have done to people who I once thought were my friends and how those actions can be misinterpreted. I am happy she realized who and what she wants in her life." - Cindy, Amazon

    "THE KISS LIST made me grateful that I am no longer in high school. Life is hard, life in school is harder, life as a hormonal girl with her first boyfriend is the worst!!! This is a cute young adult story that echos the theme of a certain movie it references several times. I read it in the voices of the kids from GLEE because for some reason that was the visual I got. This is a story I would absolutely recommend to my younger cousins and friend's middle/high schoolers." - Maura, Amazon

    "I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book! Relatable characters, deep down good values and some great life lessons we can all learn from! I laughed, I cried and I plan on reading it again and again! Recommending to my young women as well!" - Talbot Family, Amazon

    "Oh my, all of the feelings of highschool boyfriends and daydreaming about kisses came flooding back. It allowed me to step out of my crazy adult world for just bit. This book was a fun escape and would be a great read for any teen girl." - Daydreaming, Amazon

    "I loved this book! Immediately sent me back to dating years, and the Camille's I knew and maybe my own Camille moments; and how we don't know what kind of wake our actions leave behind. And, I knew a guy with a kiss list, which made it even more amusing - although he wasn't sly about it like Camille haha." - Terrigee, Amazon

    "This was a really cute and fun story by Sara Jo Cluff. Camille was a little hard to read at first, but she quickly grew on me and reminded me a lot of me from high school. Desperate for attention and looking for it in the wrong way. I absolutely loved Camille's little brother, Seth. He very nearly stole the show! And as soon as a certain character was introduced, I just knew he would be the one to steal Camille's heart! I also appreciate that the story was clean, I'd have no problem with my 13-year-old reading it." - ALW, Amazon

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