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Wednesday meets My Killer Vacation in this fantasy mystery debut with a solid dose of clean romance.

Sixteen-year-old Cece is a drama geek by day and a necromancer detective by night.

Ever since accidentally raising her dog, CeCe has solved murders by awaking the dead to name their killers. But as summer drama camp approaches, she’s ready to leave her haunted nights behind for scene-stealing performances and hunky Zach Wren, a boy with an intoxicating magical touch.


But when a sadistic magician emerges, stalking CeCe’s dreams, her supernatural days may be numbered. This merciless sorcerer has set his sights on stealing CeCe’s power, no matter who gets in his way. Add in a dead body and Cece's on the case.


With the help of Zach, CeCe must walk the line between life and death before one final curtain call. Will her budding romance with Zach and promising drama career survive, or will CeCe join the ranks of the dead she so easily awakens?

Necromancy the Musical

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