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Stories definitely shouldn't end with cliffhangers...right?


Sephone Darrow is tired of being "the Chosen One". Everyone always expects her to save the day. But her heroics are put to the test when her team's search for the legendary Mouth of Eternity lands them in a prison locked with secrets that could kill. An infamous inmate has gone missing, prisoners are covered in mysterious bruises, and there's a sinister cellblock of ghosts waiting to break free of their iron bars.


Rose doesn't trust the leader of the Blackouts, Heartstone Asylum's adventurous league of legend seekers. But when a traveling wax museum full of familiar faces-including her own-shows up at Heartstone, the Blackouts' leader makes an ominous prediction, and it's up to Rose and her team to stop it from coming true, which means confronting the ghostly secrets haunting the museum.


Sephone and Rose must rely on each other's wits and witticisms to solve their respective mysteries before their stories collide in a showdown for the ages.


And not everyone is making it out of this one alive.


A delightful mashup of whimsy, fantasy, spookiness, and quirk, with a dollop of Harry Potter and a sprinkling of Neil Gaiman.

Legend of the Tempest Teaser

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