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Legend Seeker. Part-time Ghost Hunter. Time Traveler.

Thirteen-year-old Rose Skylar sneezed a magical storm cloud at birth, and it’s followed her around ever since. But when Stormy causes one too many public disasters, Rose is taken to Heartstone, an asylum for unstable magic. Its location? The heart of a haunted forest whose trees have mysteriously turned to stone.

They say the ghosts are bound to the woods … then why does Rose see them drifting outside the windows at night? And why is there a graveyard on the grounds filled with empty graves? Guided by her future selves via time traveling letters, Rose and Marek—best friend and potential figment of her imagination—must solve the mystery of the specters and the stone trees before the ghosts unleash a legendary enemy that will make their own spooks look like a couple of holey bed sheets and destroy Heartstone Asylum.

Letters from the future are piling up. Rose can’t save Heartstone herself. However, five of herselves, a magical storm cloud, and a guardian angel who might very well be imaginary? Now that’s a silver lining.

But will they find what killed the ghosts before what killed the ghosts finds them?

Legend of the Storm Sneezer The Stormwatch Diaries #1 by Kristiana Sfirlea

  • Review

    "Kristiana Sfirlea's ability to juxtapose mystery, fantasy, and humor...contributes to a refreshingly different form of ghost story/time travel/coming of age experience that keeps readers on their toes...[Legend of the Storm Sneezer is] a delightful, whimsical production that keeps the preteen thoroughly engaged in a story about growing up, solving dilemmas, and growing into one's powers." - D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

    "If books were rides, children would line up out the door for this roller coaster of imagination. Brilliantly funny." - Colette Sewall, author of Kiki MacAdoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas

    "Soul signia, asylums, angels, legends, Time travel.....there's so many elements put together in this one middle grade but definitely not childish story that you'd think they'd clash and jumble, leaving a catastrophe in place of a plot... You'd be wrong; these elements all blend and mesh to the point you don't actively think of how many there are until you're sitting here trying to explain why you loved the story without actually giving anything away." - Amazon Reviewer

    "Kristiana created an iconic world that I will not soon forget. I love the narrators in this book, they just constantly kept me laughing." - Bobby, @bobbys_book_nook, Instagram

    "When your eight-year-old, who is afraid of Harry Potter needs to stay awake and read one more chapter of this delightfully spooky and mesmerizing tale, you know you have a winner." - Tara, Goodreads

    "This is one of the cutest books I've ever read. It's so whimsy and entertaining! The characters are all memorable and zany. And so many hints about what's to come! I wish I were a time traveler now so I wouldn't have to wait for Book 2." - Hannah, Amazon

    "What a refreshingly whimsical story! If you love magic, maple syrup and tutu wearing ghost hunters, this book is for you." - Jordan, author of What Lurks Below

    "Richly creative, laugh-out-loud funny, and the perfect sprinkling of spooky, Legend of the Storm Sneezer is seriously one of my favorite books of 2020! From the beginning of the book (like page four beginning), I was already laughing and continued to be such a joy to read! (There was MUCH laughter.)" - Laura, author of Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl

    "Kristiana Sfirlea knocked it out of the park with her debut novel Legend of the Storm Sneezer. This story marries multiple genres into one brilliant story with time travel, ghosts, angels, and so much more. The MC, Rose, stole my heart. I cheered her on from page one." - Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book

    "As I finished the novel and reflected on it one Saturday morning, I realized this book will sit on a special shelf on my bookcase. That shelf is reserved for books which will never be donated but kept and passed on to loved ones who are as much a passionate reader as I am. I look forward to a time when The Stormwatch Diaries Book #2 will soon accompany the first novel on the same shelf. There’s space there waiting for it!" - Jim, Goodreads

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