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The sign over the covered antique mirror said DO NOT TOUCH. Twelve-year-old Nora wished she had listened.


Mirrors reflect what is in front of them, but what happens behind the glass—to the reflections themselves? Nora finds out when her own reflection, aka Fake Nora, changes places with her one night. Nora is shoved in a place that looks exactly like her house with no echoes, dull lights, and muted sounds. It isn't her home at all, simply a shell of a place she loves.


Fake Nora is living her best life in Nora's house, feeding on the fear of her little brother while no one else at the house knows anything is wrong.


Inside "reflectionland," Nora meets thirteen-year-old Jesse, who has been stuck in his mirror since the forties, and he warns her that they aren't alone in the house. There are others sneaking around, known as the bad ones—spirits of people who gave up after vanishing in the mirror.


Refusing to stay a reflection forever, Nora conjures a plan to escape, but Fake Nora isn't about to give up her life in Nora's home. And Jesse? He could become a bad one forever.

Fake Nora by Kelly Martin

  • Review

    “Parents, this is the type of book that you shouldn’t be afraid to pick up for your middle grade reader. And it is the perfect book for the reluctant reader.”  - Debbie, Pick A Good Book

    "As a kid, I never read Goosebumps or any of those other children’s spooky series. I have picked up a couple to try them out but I’m not a big fan of them. 
    I had pretty average expectations for Fake Nora. I knew I was going to like it, but I didn’t expect to LOVE it. Kelly Martin is a fantastic writer for middle grade audiences. She brought together a lively cast of characters and a brilliant plot. It had some fun messages, some thrilling scenes, and the tension of ‘will the main character succeed or not?’ I’m definitely going to read more from Kelly Martin in the future. She’s such a fun storyteller." - Nathaniel, @hecticreadinglife, Instagram

    "Fake Nora is a fantastic middle grade horror novel all about Nora and the trouble someone can get into when they don’t follow directions. ... I really enjoyed the focus on family and hope. Even when Nora could see no way out of “reflectionland”, she stayed optimistic she would return home." - @midnightwritelight, Instagram

    "This is the kind of horror novel I wish I could have read when I was in elementary or middle school! This book is totally clean, so parents don’t have to worry about the content. Younger me would have loved this; it’s creepy but not too creepy for younger audiences. The settings in particular are so well-written; they are what truly makes this book spooky. The author's unique writing style also adds to the book. Full of action and mystery until the very end, this story is sure to be a hit among younger readers looking for a spooky tale." - Megan, Goodreads

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