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Some rivalries never die.

When sixteen-year-old Daphne Richards moves from Utah back to California, she's excited by the prospect of being reunited with her childhood best friend. But her excitement quickly dies when she learns her mom's high school rival lives next door—with a daughter the same age as Daphne.

Sierra Winters is a chip off the old block. Eager to redeem her mother’s name, Sierra offers Daphne a simple challenge: Who can get the gorgeous and charming Bentley Anderson to ask her to prom?

Confident in her ability, and unable to turn down a challenge, Daphne takes the bet. Both girls quickly go to work, doing everything in their powers to woo Bentley—while sabotaging the other. Only, another guy at school quickly catches Daphne’s eye, and her ever-building anxiety mounts when a picture involving Care Bear underwear risks getting out.

If Daphne can't sift through her emotions and figure out how to handle the bet, she'll not only risk social suicide … but the chance at true love.

For fans of Kasie West and Jenny Han, DAPHNE’S QUESTIONABLE BET is a YA Romantic Comedy full of cringe-worthy moments and heart-stopping romance.

Daphne's Questionable Bet by Sara Jo Cluff

  • Review

    "Okay YA readers, how many of you have ever read a YA book where the main character was practically a Barbie doll? She’s perfect, she gets Ken, and they live happily ever after. Daphne is no Barbie, and I mean that in the best possible way! How can you not love a onesie-wearing, junk food-eating, Captain America-loving girl with an amazing taste in music?! For once, this story is about the quirky girl and I loved it! Daphne is such a fun and refreshing character! Her best friends were also super fun, and their friendship was cute! As fun and adorable as this book is, there are some difficult subjects as well. Divorce, anxiety, death, family relationships all come into play. They just add to the quality of the book by making the characters more realistic and relatable. Also, Weston is adorkable! He’s very sweet and his nerdiness is so cute! The quirky girl gets the happily ever after (it’s about time!) This book is fun, enjoyable, and adorable! If you want a book that makes you laugh out loud or if you want some music recommendations, get this book!" - Autumn, Goodreads

    "What a perfectly swoony book. Daphne's Questionable Bet was 340 pages of tension, arguments, love, finding yourself, and embracing the person that you are. This is exactly what I have been looking for with YA contemporary. Last year, I decided to explore YA contemporary and I was so disappointed by the few that I read that I was ready to write off the whole genre, but now I'm definitely rethinking that because this book was perfectly amazing and everything that I want in a book... and it's YA contemporary." - Nathaniel, @hecticreadinglife, Instagram

    "I loved this book. A full 5/5 stars.  I would also like to point out that Daphne and Weston's representation of anxiety was spot on. I also loved how Daphne's mom was just as flawed as the kids, in most young adult stories we have a stuck up mother who’d never admit to a mistake or a wise and perfect mom who can do absolutely no wrong . This one was very realistic, she was cool and “hip” and entertaining but still a real person with goals, feelings, and faults that she’ll admit to. I loved this and would’ve loved it at age 12 too. Highly recommended." - Kat, Goodreads

    "Daphne - a girl who loves Captain America, Care Bears, and Cherry Coke, who hears songs in her head that serve as the soundtrack lineup for her life, who is quirky and has panic attacks and is tired of being bullied - is really a great character. She’s the character those of us who aren’t oh-so-cool can relate to. While she was significantly more outgoing than I will ever be, I did find some aspects of her personality relatable and there was comfort in that. The fact that this story did focus so much on characters with anxiety made me feel right at home." - Cynthia, @abookishbutterfly

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