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The stunning second novel in the bestselling Blood Wars trilogy, perfect for fans of The Selection, Pride and Prejudice, and Hunger Games.

In a world where the poor are used as a source of blood for the diseased elite, Aston is a prisoner.

Trapped inside the walls of the king’s mansion, she’s forced to donate her blood to a wealthy recipient: a sickly royal prince she once loved. Even worse, the king threatens her family and poisons her with a serum that causes horrifying hallucinations.All she has to do to end the nightmare is reveal a secret she's sworn to keep, but thousands could die.

Now she only wants three things:

1. Escape recipient territory before the royals bleed her dry or drag out her secret.

2. Recruit any recipients loyal to the cause.

3. Find and join the rebellion battle against the king. Aston must be cautious, for not everyone she trusts can be trusted, and not all her enemies are as wicked as she believes.

Unless she can figure out who to trust in the fight for her blood, the king's poison will consume her, her secret will be exposed…and death will reign.

Blood Poisoning

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