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Pride and Prejudice meets Shatter Me in this stunning dystopian debut.

Aston lives in a post-apocalyptic world divided by blood…

Royal recipients reside on one side of the wall, desperate for blood donations to survive. Donors live on the other, surrendering their blood to combat poverty.

For Aston, a donor, the only way out of the slums is to bleed–or marry well.

Only Aston wants more than to enter the hyped-up blood auction balls with their glistening ball gowns and flashing news reports, to marry a sleazy suitor with the highest blood count for convenience, or to live a life where her blood is possessed by a royal.

She wants freedom from the system…and, most dangerous of all, real love.

The first in a thrilling YA trilogy filled with courage, romance, and the start of a powerful rebellion, perfect for fans of The Selection Series, Hunger Games, and Matched.

"An intriguing dystopian world with a clever premise." Robison Wells, New York Times bestselling author

Blood Numbers

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