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Bluebell was sold to Victoria Knight, a well-known Storyville madam, at the tender age of eleven. Now at nineteen, Bell is numbed to her life—until an optimistic preacher named Teddy Sullivan comes to New Orleans, intent on saving the sinful souls of the South.

Teddy is instantly drawn to the petite brunette with sad eyes and longs to rescue her. Bell, however, decides that saving her friends from selling themselves in the Storyville cribs is more important than saving herself. In a fit of selfless desperation, Bell convinces Teddy to marry her best friend, which Teddy agrees to do while cooking up plans of his own.

When a handsome and rich client offers to take Bell from the brothel, Bell thinks all her prayers are finally answered, until she is forced onto the street with nowhere to go. 

If Bell isn’t able to see that God loves her regardless of the path her life has taken, and Teddy can’t help Bell get even more of her friends out of Storyville, both risk not only losing sight of God’s plan ... but each other.

A compelling story of redemption, Bell of the Night is an unflinching reminder that no matter how troubled our past, we are never too far from the healing power of God’s love.

Bell of the Night by Allison Wells

  • Review

    "Such a sweet story of the power of redemptive love. It's sure to keep you turning those pages as the characters fight to overcome their inner demons and the fears that hold them back." - KLM, Amazon

    "Once I started reading it was hard to put down when I needed to. I was immediately drawn to the lead characters. I was impressed with Teddy's desire to reach these girls for Christ and Bell's passion and honesty. I highly recommend this well written book." - Ann, Amazon

    "Can a Christian fiction be set in New Orlean's Storyville (legal red-light district in the early 1900s)? Absolutely. This is an amazing story of redemption and love and protection, with unexpected twists and turns. This story will make you think, touch your heart, and just maybe change your perception of those in less than desirable situations." - Deanna, Goodreads

    "Allison Wells has brought a story of redemption and love to life. Wow! I could not put it down. I fell in love with the characters & their paths to redemptive love." - Ashley, Amazon

    "Wells does a magnificent job in creating realistic characters and scenarios. I loved the raw and gritty details and how Bell challenged God. Teddy's wholesome love and goodness encouraged me that there are good people still fighting for the right thing and willingly doing God's work. This book was beautifully crafted and had me tearing up more than once." - V. Romas Burton, author of Heartmender

    "'You go in that room, and you do whatever it is you do that makes you so popular.' That first line had me captivated! And Wells kept me swept up in this beautiful novel about compassion and redemption." - Mary Beesley, author of Dragon Blood

    "A girl of the night and a Bible toting pastor. What could go wrong? Don't ask that question, ask what could go RIGHT! This book will have you turning the pages to find out what happens to each character. It's filled with mystery, heartache, suspense, and hope. When you think your life is worthless, and nothing will ever go right, there is always hope. Find hope in this amazing story about love, trust, and new beginnings." - Heather, Amazon

    "Bitter and sweet. This book is so unique and yet reminiscent of the classic Redeeming Love. I loved Teddy from the start and Bell has my heart forever." - Cammie Larsen, author of The Sisters of Bloodcreek trilogy, Co-owner, Monster Ivy

    "From the moment I picked this up, I couldn't put it down. I was mesmerized by the plot and charming writing. Ms. Wells has a gift for pulling you into this heartbreaking world. Bell was both relatable and mysterious, and Teddy's the preacher love interest I didn't know I was waiting for!" - Mary Gray, author of The Girl at the Hanging Tree, Co-owner, Monster Ivy

    "Allison Wells has written a beautifully inspiring story that helps you understand why you must always have faith. Things happen for a reason, sometimes you may find out what that reason is, while other times, it's a complete mystery." - Siobhan, @theb00kreader, Instagram

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