what lurk below

What Lurks Below

by Jordan Thompson

At Colony, no one knows where the children came from. No one talks about how they were babies when they were ripped from their parents to be raised in the Tin Can.

No one knows, that is, except Amelia. At thirteen, Amelia remembers a mother who loved her. She remembers fresh peaches and ice cream—not the calorically rationed food that tastes like stagnant swamp water and chemicals.

Desperate to hold on to her memories, Amelia shares her past with her younger brother, Alex. She teaches him about the reality of The Garden and its power to provide safety and love.

Soon, Alex learns that life at Colony is more dangerous than he thought. He spies an enormous, black ... something ... lurking in the water, while no one seems to notice it at all.

Fear of the creature has Alex thrashing his sheets in bed. His marks drop, and Council insists on Amelia telling them what is wrong. Amelia tries to keep up appearances, but Council refuses to believe her and locks her up.

If Amelia isn’t willing to forgo the love she felt and the life she had back then, Council will throw her in the water to meet whatever it is that lurks below the Tin Can.

For fans of The Giver, this dystopian-charged fantasy will show readers the valiance of holding on to one’s beliefs and the value of true sibling love.

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"The writing is beautiful, and I SO enjoyed the relationship between Amelia and Alex! Also, it has some amazing allegories to spiritual warfare that got me praying - and can you ask for anything more powerful from a book? I really enjoyed seeing the story from Amelia's POV. Without giving any spoilers, there's this one scene in a jail cell where this girl is SO. DANG. COOL! I love how completely unintimidated and snazzy she is!" - Kristiana, author of Legend of the Storm Sneezer

"I had such a fun time with it. It’s such an odd mixture of genres, covering sci-fi, fantasy, and walking the line between young YA and older MG. Definitely a solid adventure. There were twists that had me screaming and spoiling things to my sister because I was so excited." - Nathaniel, @hecticreadinglife, Instagram

"If you know me I barely have time to do anything once, much less on repeat, but if I could be stuck reading one book over and over it would be this one! Loved her writing style from every detail to the larger plot-from the description of meals in the Tin Can to the strength of Amelia and Alex--this is one for your shelves." - Amazon Reviewer

"The shadows and the Bewilder in the forest are beautifully written and one of my favorite parts of the story. I love Amelia's rebellious nature. She is a hauntingly broken character with a fierce loyalty to Alex." - Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book

"What a fresh take on the dystopian genre. You'll get sucked into the culture and world, curious to find out more about Amelia and her knowledge of the Before. The underlying religious themes will truly get you thinking in a good and positive way." - Sara, author of The Kiss List & Daphne's Questionable Bet

"There were so many layers to this book. There is no wrong interpretation. The writing is phenomenal. The relationship between Amelia and Alex is tight. There were so many twists and little hints. My mind is blown." - Crystal, 2 Girls & A Book

"I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of this dystopian story. The way she reveals information little by little through the main character was very interesting. Wonderful, imaginative writing. I enjoyed it." - Denica, Amazon

"As a huge lover of THE GIVER, I was stoked to read another well-done dystopian novel!" - Mary Beesley, author of Dragon Blood

"Jordan’s debut Young Adult novel is deliciously deep, with layers of rich symbolism and allegory, making this a great book to read multiple times! Are you a fan of dystopia? Sci-fi? Fantasy? This book expertly blends all of these genres together, giving you just enough to ponder, but not too much, keeping the narrative in a state of tight tension all the way until the very end." - Novel-Tea Reads, Goodreads

"The underlying message and story is beautiful. Ultimately it's about faith in The Truth. Amelia holds strongly to her faith. No matter what she sees in the natural, she knows the Truth and doesn't let anyone take it away from her. 
I would definitely recommend reading What Lurks Below." - Stephany, Goodreads


★★★★★  By Cristie, Amazon

My 10 yr old daughter and I read this book together. It was so amazing finding a book both my daughter and I could enjoy reading and discussing together

★★★★★  By Karin, Amazon

This is one of those stories that stay with you. Jordan Thompson puts words together that create a very clear visual picture. Gorgeous cover.

★★★★★  By Amy, Amazon

Once I started this book, I could not put it back down as I would get sucked into the twists and turns of this wonderful and exciting story! Jordan has a way of painting her words so that you can imagine exactly what she has written. I loved the theme of this book and cannot wait to see more work from her!

★★★★★  By D. K., Amazon

A whimsical yet sad story of hope and faith enfolds in What Lurks Below by Jordan Thompson. Amelia is a hero, not only to herself, but to her young brother and finally the world she comes home to. Rich with imagery and suspense, Jordan has brought a fallen world to life, and left us cheering the heroine on.

★★★★★  By LoganRae, Amazon

Didn’t want to put this book down. Skillfully written and brilliant originality.


ISBN: 978-1948095532

Release date: April 8, 2020

Page count: 228

Genre: YA Dystopian Fantasy

Tropes: Christian allegory, sibling bonds, dystopian society