the devils you meet on christmas day

The Devils You Meet

on Christmas Day

by Katie Coughran, Vanessa K. Eccles, Mary Gray, and Cammie Larsen

The season isn’t what it seems.

While some are nestled cozy in their traditions, others are lost in darkness. An unkindness of ravens lurks like a warning above them while they try to escape their inner demons and fight the dragons they’ve been trying to avoid. There’s no enjoying fatal amounts of pie because their minds are slipping, slipping into a twisted delusion. They are the murderers, the disturbed, the unfortunate, and the misunderstood. These outliers are imprisoned by their circumstances until they slowly fade into the icy landscape, smothered by the forged façade of a perfect Christmas.

In this unsettling collection of stories, authors Katie Coughran, Vanessa K. Eccles, Mary Gray, and Cammie Larsen explore the darkened corners of paranormal, horror, and fantasy to create a gothic and somewhat macabre Christmas read.




"Ok, honesty time. I'm not 100% sure what I read... I've been buying all of these holiday anthologies with HEAs and this one seemed "different" and for 99 cents I thought WHY NOT!! I have never ready anything from any of these authors before and am fascinated by them. One author is described as follows: "...balances dark and twisty plots with faith-based messages. Some of her best ideas come when she’s lurking in the woods, experimenting with frightening foods, or pushing her kids on the tire swing." Well alrighty then :) A few of the stories contained in this anthology read like a longer essay, a few are obviously part of a larger world and several more are written like poetry that I don't quite understand but FLOVE. It's really good and I absolutely recommend it." - Maura, Amazon

"The Devils You Meet on Christmas Day is a collection of seven short stories by various authors. If you like dark stories then this is for you." - Kate, Amazon

"Spooky little anthology perfect for Christmas time. Sometimes you need a break from all the lovey dovey Christmas Romances, this is perfect for that!." - Crystal, Amazon

"This is not my usual read but I found myself enjoying it." - Thi, Amazon

"Monster Ivy Publishing has delivered quite the grisly list of Christmas Tales in The Devils You Meet on Christmas Day. My favorite short story is The Bakery. This story makes The Hunger Games look like a cakewalk. If you need a break from the cookie-cutter Hallmark movies delve into this twisted prose." - Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book

"Amazing! The acknowledgment made me laugh, too! Loving this anthology book!" - Chrystele, Goodreads


"Wow. So fun! These stories are awesome because you get to read about Christmas, but in totally different, surprising ways...not your warm, fuzzy, Hallmark stories for sure! Very well written and quite the variety." - T., Goodreads

"I want some pie now, mmmm." - Melissa, Goodreads


★★★★★  By Jerusha, Goodreads

This book will make you want some pie. Add some Poe to December and you have this great collection. The bakery is now one of my favorite short stories ever.


★★★★★  By Toni, Amazon

This is a very interesting book. Lots of twist and turns. Its a great read!

★★★★★  By Aurora, Amazon

This is a great book!

★★★★★  By Aviar, Goodreads

In this book you get 8 tales of scares and terror. I loved it!

★★★★★  By Janet, Goodreads

This collection of stories was penned by four gifted authors. In these chilling stories you'll find:

*a young man in love who isn't permitted to propose
*a young woman on the run who stumbles upon a crime scene
*a sad young lady who bakes pies to die for
*four magic-filled high school seniors
*a matchmaker with uncanny abilities
*a young lady who flees through a portal into more danger
*one of the devil's own lackeys

Each story was different and disturbing in its own way. The authors brought their own unique style to every story they wrote. There are surprising twists in these stories, and every discovery gives you a little jolt.


ISBN: 978-1948095044

Release date: December 12, 2017

Page count: 116

Genre: Anthology

Tropes: Twisted Christmas