hush, now forget

Hush, Now Forget

Sisters of Bloodcreek #1
by Mary Gray & Cammie Larsen

Two sisters team up with a pair of hottie hunters to learn the truth about the Blurred Ones—and what makes them a taboo category of the supernatural.

No one will tell Eva and Frost the truth about the Blurred Ones. Not their hunter friend, and definitely not the parentals. Maybe it’s because Frost spent time in a psychiatric ward and Eva never ceases to think with her hormones. So, when the girls see an opportunity to meet Albert Knox, the most infamous Blurred One of all, they lie about their true plans and head out on their field trip to San Antonio.

When the sisters get to town, though, a ghost woman keeps attacking them in their hotel room, and they end up getting one of their classmates killed. Eva thinks she can use her feminine wiles to woo Knox, but he has a couple of more minions than they thought—and she ends up getting tossed through a window. If the sisters and their newfound hottie hunters don’t take down Knox soon, he’ll permanently attach himself to Eva in a binding ritual.

Hush, Now Forget is the perfect blend of mystery and spook. With sisterly banter and conversational writing, ghostly legends, mystery, heartbreak, murder, and possession, this book will keep you flipping the pages desperate to find out what happens next.

sleep, don't fret

Sleep, Don't Fret

Sisters of Bloodcreek #2
by Mary Gray & Cammie Larsen

Eva and Frost are pretty stoked about their blooming hunting skills, but when they finally meet Raylan’s sister, Tess, after a witch doctor hunt in New Orleans, the group dynamic gets rather awkward.

Tess wants to kill Knox straight up dead. As in, drag him up from the bottom of the old mine shaft and use Tess’ favorite snake from the Louisiana bayou to finish the job. Eva loves the idea of bonding with Tess and being extra sure Knox will never come back to harm them, but Maggie ain’t thrilled at the idea, and Frost is a little distracted by her new cowboy boy-toy.

When Tess gets attacked by the Despairity, Eva and Raylan race back to New Orleans to help. Maggie isn’t answering her phone, and what Tess shows Eva in her secret basement is something no one expects, and it’s gonna test everyone’s relationships.

The hunters have to decide where their loyalties lie: family, friends, or love.

rise, take flight

Rise, Take Flight

Sisters of Bloodcreek #3
by Mary Gray & Cammie Larsen

Possession. It was never supposed to happen.

Unwilling to stand around and wait while Eva's been taken over by one of the Despairity, Frost works tirelessly with Beau and Leo to figure out how to free her sister. Leo shows Frost memories of The Before, and Beau admits to a chilling connection with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Eva, though, can't believe she's stuck with one of these spider wenches, Alora, inside of her. Sure, Eva's gotten pretty fast, and her reflexes have never been better, but feasting on people's souls? That was never supposed to be on the bucket list at all.


When Alora reveals her sinister plan—to build an unconquerable army of Blurred Ones by placing them inside the perfect hosts—the girls and their friends must fight to protect not just Bloodcreek, but all the world.


For fans of the CW's Supernatural, sisterly bonds, and twists on mythology that haven't been done before.



"The series is full of action/adventure, paranormal, a twist on ghost mythology, and quirky characters who are very likable. None of them are perfect but that's part of what makes them relatable. Engaging and full of asides that made me chuckle, I thoroughly enjoyed this read." - Glenna, Amazon

"Frost, Eva and their Aunt Maggie are wonderfully drawn, feisty women." - InD'Tale Magazine

"Fans of Sam and Dean Winchester will definitely get a kick out of this book." - Claire, The Coffeeholic Bookworm

"The bond between the sisters felt genuine and just seemed natural." - Bob, Platypire

"Once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down even for a minute." - Brittany, Teen Librarian

"I love the way each chapter is from a sister's point of view." - Brenda, Kobo

"Bone chilling in the best way. A great tale about how sometimes the truths and answers we seek can come at a steep price." - Marla, Amazon

"I LOOOVE sibling stories (me and my sibs are super close), so the premise of Hush, Now Forget immediately intrigued me, and it didn't disappoint! I really enjoyed Frost and Eva's relationship and how each of them maintained a unique, fun, engaging voice throughout the whole book. They're so funny and natural! I'm a girl who loves her scary scenes, and BOY, were there some good ones in here! Especially the ghost girl in the hotel." - Kristiana, author of Legend of the Storm Sneezer

"Hush, Now Forget is a good blend of mystery, paranormal, and romance. It is a clean read, nothing crude in it. I feel good about recommending it to my friends – a quality that many books in this genre don’t possess. I am one of those people that always tries to guess the ending at the beginning of a movie or book. This book took me by complete surprise! I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending is pleasantly unique." - ExplorerLV, Amazon

"Such a great ending to a wonderful story! My favorite thing about all the books is the strong sisterly bond. I loved these characters so much, and it was so fulfilling to see their lives at the end. Another amazing book from Monster Ivy Publishing!" - Vanessa K. Eccles, author and podcaster of FABLED


★★★★★  By Lindsey, Amazon

Sooooo good. Loved everything about this story. I have 3 sisters so reading about sisters fighting for each other just makes my heart happy. I love that this series has a dark vibe, which I love while maintaining a sense of light, which is truly amazing. Definitely worth the read.

★★★★★  By Jennifer, Amazon

Deep, philosophical ideas underpin a plot that still maintains its fun, fast-paced, exciting tone. Romance, action, surprises, and snappy dialogue.

★★★★★  By Katie, author of It Calls Me

By the time I got to book 3, I was flying through this trilogy — I had to know how it all would end and believe me, it did not disappoint. My favorite theme that really came out in this book is having faith in ourselves and our goodness. We all have goodness and power inside — nurturing those things, no matter how small anyone tries to make us feel — will always be the best path. Of course, I also seriously enjoyed the supernatural world and twists built into the story.

★★★★★  By Kelly, Amazon

From the beginning of the series I was hooked to the lives of the two heroines in the book and the way the authors could change the tone by writing from each characters perspective. It keeps the action fresh and interesting. This last book had me even more hooked wondering how they could possibly tie everything up and they certainly did not disappoint. From beginning to end the authors keep you on your toes and have you gripped by the constant action. Never a boring moment with the Sisters of Blood Creek!

★★★★★  By Karin, Amazon

An amazing conclusion to this trilogy. I stayed up late/early(?) to find out how it all works out. For me, my favorite part of the book is the alternating chapter perspective of Frost and Eva, which gives a depth to the story and really keeps it moving.


ISBN: 978-1948095563

Release date: 2017, 2018, 2019

Page count: 330, 288, 298

Genre: YA Paranormal

Tropes: Siblings, Sisterly bonds, ghosts, monsters, Supernatural vibe