ripper of monkshood manor

The Ripper of Monkshood Manor

by Mary Gray

Never go into Monkshood ... unless your goal is to meet your Maker.

Sixteen-year-old Cate Hellstrom has a secret.
Actually, she has two.
Neither secret is something she's willing to tell her new bohemian boyfriend, Luther. Which makes for a very fun and interactive evening when she visits Monkshood, Luther's beautiful yet dilapidated home.
The salsa-stained foyer is certainly eye-catching.
The bag o' bones, a little avant-garde ...
And between Luther's cryptic comments and history professor hair, the boy's a conundrum with more secrets than her own.
When aquariums suddenly explode, and random whispers creep from the maze of halls, Cate has to assume that she and Luther aren't really alone. Whoever's in those shadows seems to know exactly what she's done.
Problem is, Cate's not entirely willing to be honest about her checkered past.
Even if it means being added to Monkshood's bag o' bones.

For fans of The Haunting of Hill House and Trinity Row.

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"Terrific book for older teens with a quirky sense of humor." - Jill, Amazon

"I seriously enjoyed this Amazingly Creepy read.. I don't usually go for books like this and was surprised at how much I actually loved it." - Cristie, Amazon

"Thie Ripper Of Monkshood Manor is the most bizarre story I have ever read. Think Poe's the Tell Tale Heart if it were rewritten by Stephen King." - Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book

"The story was actually unique in a way. It wasn't your typical haunted house story. There were ghosts, and shifters, and unsuspecting victims. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it for anyone looking for a ghostly escape." - Chrissy, Amazon

"What a unique story. Cate is a 16 year old girl with high hopes about her date with Luther. Only it becomes much more than just a date. Cate is endearing for her humanness and snark! Her grit and determination to overcome the challenges she finds herself facing gives a strong picture of personal strength. I'm not normally a fan of horror but I really enjoyed this book." - Karin, Amazon

"This was a very interesting read and it was very different than most books I have read! I loved reading the inner thoughts of the protagonist. It had a surprise twist and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!" - Caroline, Amazon

"This is not your typical haunted house story. You’ve got all the creepy ghostly stuff but there’s also a lot of love in this story. I loved the humor and snarky attitude of teenage Cate. Her new crush Luther is not only handsome but very charming and gracious having invited her to his home for their first date. I was sucked in on the first page and I couldn’t put the book down! This is a twisty tale with lots of action and surprises; you never know what those evil ghosts are going to do next… or why. I have to admit that I was enamored by the granny ghost that lived in the nursery with her toys and doll collection. She was just waiting for the grandchildren to come. Boo-ha-ha! Reading this book was my Halloween treat." - Barbara, Goodreads

"Although this novel is full of perilous moments, it also has plenty of laughs. Mary Gray has a fun, amusing style that is a kick to read. Add to that the colorful, unique characters, and you've got a story that is as unpredictable as a roller coaster ride, complete with the moments that make you suck in your breath and hang on. Get ready for a crazy ride!" - Janet, Goodreads


★★★★★  By Jordan, author of What Lurks Below
If you like stories about haunted houses, sisterly affection and hunky, hundred year old boys, this book is for you! I couldn't put it down. 

★★★★★  By Maura, Amazon

Ok I have a confession... I have no idea what I just read and I loved it. This story had humor and spookiness and shifters and bags of bones and all sorts of bizzaro stuff. Again, I'm still not 100% sure what I read. It was a fast and enjoyable read and I would recommend it but please don't ask me why.

★★★★★  By Katie, author of It Calls Me

Wow. From the first page, you’re thrown right into the story, wondering what’s going to happen next. I’ve never read a first-person narrative that was so fast-paced in all the right ways. I love the main character, Cate, who has all the reasoning, logic, and hormones of a 16 year-old. Her narration kept everything so “real” in this twisty house in which she finds herself. And the story? I loved discovering each sinister new layer. Great read and one I highly recommend. Also, I now want to go and visit old, spooky houses.

★★★★★  By Vanessa, author and podcaster of Fabled

The book is wildly unique and is perfect for readers who crave fast-paced, modern horror that will keep them up at night--half-buried under the covers, all the lights on, ears tuned to anything creeping down the halls.

★★★★★  By Jo Cassidy, Author of Good Girls Stay Quiet

Absolutely LOVED this book. I can't even begin to describe how much I love the main character and her quirkiness. She saw things in such a weird/creepy light and I loved it. I don't think I've read a book where I've laughed as much as I was scared. If you love the weird and creepy, then this is for you.


ISBN: 978-1948095402

Release date: October 1, 2019

Page count: 310

Genre: YA Horror

Tropes: Haunted House, self worth, ghosts, shifters, sibling love