Never go into Monkshood ... unless your goal is to meet your Maker.

Sixteen-year-old Cate Hellstrom has a secret.
Actually, she has two.
Neither secret is something she's willing to tell her new bohemian boyfriend, Luther. Which makes for a very fun and interactive evening when she visits Monkshood, Luther's beautiful yet dilapidated home.
The salsa-stained foyer is certainly eye-catching.
The bag o' bones, a little avant-garde ...
And between Luther's cryptic comments and history professor hair, the boy's a conundrum with more secrets than her own.
When aquariums suddenly explode, and random whispers creep from the maze of halls, Cate has to assume that she and Luther aren't really alone. Whoever's in those shadows seems to know exactly what she's done.
Problem is, Cate's not entirely willing to be honest about her checkered past.
Even if it means being added to Monkshood's bag o' bones.

For fans of The Haunting of Hill House and Trinity Row.

The Ripper of Monkshood Manor by Mary Gray