It calls me

It Calls Me: An Anthology

by Katie Coughran

Water destroys and revives.

Waves shred ears like nails on a chalkboard, soothe troubled souls like a true apothecary.


Water is a joyful friend. A ghost wearing rouge. A toxin, enrobed in gray.


Ill-begotten saloons lurk near its edges while quaint riverwalks with ice cream parlors are much-adored sites. Heart-shaped shells fill up baskets amidst grassy trinkets, and the beauty of untouched sand needs to be both preserved and enjoyed.


Whether ocean, river, or rain, in this breathtaking anthology, Coughran poignantly shows us the beastly, saving nature of water with a Percy Bysshe Shelley-like ear and range.

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"So many feelings! Coughran's work is witty one second and heart-wrenching the next. She makes you think about things in a new way, while so relatable, you wonder why everyone isn't screaming it from the rooftops. Even if you don't "get" one piece right away, give it a day to catch up to the author's intention and you'll find love." - Cammie, Co-owner, Monster Ivy

"According to Merriam Webster - Anthology is defined as: a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music. I think the essays, poems and short short stories could be classified as all of the classifications. There were selections that were music to my ear, art in the visual way the author writes which allows me to visualize the passage and literature (of course) with the delicacy of the written word. There was not one thing that I did not like about this book. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who likes to read." - Maura, Goodreads

"So many of these pieces blew me away. Jesse’s probably the most entertaining protagonist I’ve ever read, and “At the Crossroads” was about my life. I laughed, I got choked up, I smiled so many times. I love that the stories are short enough to read during short spurts of time, and I LOVE the water connection between all the pieces. Excellent and gorgeous read." - Mary, Co-owner, Monster Ivy

"Katie uses her pen like a paintbrush, coloring our minds with vivid pictures, and shifting our emotions at her whim. You know you're in skillful hands when you read a Katie Coughran book." - Janet, Goodreads


ISBN: 978-1948095334

Release date: December 4, 2018

Page count: 118

Genre: Anthology

Tropes: Lost love, Sister witches, Ghosts, Poetry, Water stories


★★★★★  By Kate, Amazon 

It Calls Me by Katie Coughran is an anthology of stories and poems that will keep you entertained. Each short story is enjoyable and easy to read. It is a great way to enjoy a story when time is short but you want to read something worthwhile. The stories are thought provoking and each one has a note from the author about the thought process behind the story. At the end of the book, there are questions that can be used if you are in a book club and want to discuss each of the stories.

★★★★★  By Vanessa K. Eccles, author and podcaster of Fabled

IT CALLS ME is a wonderful anthology full of beautiful prose and poetry. I especially loved “The Ghost that Wore Rouge” and “The Riverwalk.” I also really appreciated the exploration of emotion through story and verse. With everything from romance to magic, this is one anthology that you’ll likely reread again and again.