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How to Write Clean Yet 

Scintillating Romance

by Mary Gray

Bodice rippers are some of the most lucrative books in the industry. So what if you write romance that isn't as steamy?

I don't know about you, but I love reading and writing kissing scenes. And I don't write explicit scenes with sex.

If you're the same way, then you've happened upon the right book. In this brief nonfiction booklet, I'll cover how to write clean yet scintillating romance--primarily, kissing scenes--in ways you may not have considered. I'll share:

* The best piece of editorial advice I ever received (when my first publisher bought my first book from my first agent)
* A method I like to call action versus reaction
* How to escalate a kissing scene
* How to use rhetorical devices and setting to heighten heat

Are you ready? Grab your pens and pencils, jot down your notes in your favorite apps, or simply allow the juicy material to soak in

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How to Write Faith-based

Stories for a Secular Market

by Mary Gray

Are you a secular writer who also strives to incorporate messages of hope or faith?

I'm one of those writers, and I've fought for years to learn how to balance both aspects successfully. in this short nonfiction book, I'll share the method I’ve learned to subtly incorporate faith-based messages in secular stories. I’ll discuss:

• How to fill your spiritual well & know what to add without getting preachy

• Know where and how to add these precious gems of knowledge via the sneaky art of subplotting

• How to stay resilient against the adversary while considering marketability

I'd love to help you get your stories to the next level of hope and faith, so click to sample or buy now.


How to Write Dark and Twisty

Stories to Showcase the Light

by Mary Gray

Now and then, you'll meet a budding writer who fearfully admits they love to write creepy books. "What is wrong with you?" they worry people will say. "I expected you to wear a long, black trench coat and thick eyeliner."

As a writer of macabre fiction, Mary's also your stereotypical "good girl." So how does she balance both aspects of her life? In this brief nonfiction booklet, Mary discusses a psychological and scriptural basis for tackling darker books, some of her favorite techniques for mastering the craft, and how to show the strength of God's light.

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