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by V. Romas Burton

After finding out she is the Bellata—the prophesized warrior meant to save Decim—Addie, along with James, returns to Barracks to unite the Twelve Magisters. But as she discovers her old home in ruin, Addie stumbles upon Silas and Nana, the only people left in Barracks.

As Silas explains what happened, Addie remembers the special gift Eman entrusted to her. She gives the gift to Silas, only to learn that he's the young blacksmith who fought through the Seven Choices, making Addie unsure of how to react to her old friend.

Dodging an attack from Schism, and another deadly ally to Ophidian, the group finally makes their way to Ramni, where a familiar face joins them—one Addie never wanted to see again.

If Addie can't learn to balance her new power, successfully unite the Twelve Magisters, and figure out what's going on with a new voice in her head, Ophidian will destroy all the twelve lands ... 

And she'll never know who is capable of betrayal amongst her friends.


Character art by Hannah Rogers of Inscape Studio



"The world-building was amazing! I deeply enjoyed seeing more of this fleshed out world, even if it made me sad to see the effects of darkness and how far its reach has extended. This is a strong sequel to Heartmender and will once again shatter your heart, but also hold it together with hope because evil will not "win" forever. I look forward to the next book, though please author, be kind to these precious characters! *sobs and grabs a box of tissues*" - Laura, author of Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl

"Once Addie and Co got started on their journey, it definitely kept me intrigued and turning pages! James is a treasure and we all need once. Silas was....well, that ending took a wild turn and I have some feelings. Was very intrigued by Damien and am very interested to see where his journey goes!" - Claire, Amazon

"Heartbreaker maintains the unique world building and edge-of-your-seat action I loved from Heartmender. You can see, hear, smell and feel what the characters are sensing through the vibrant writing. I won’t spoil anything, but the ending will crack your heart and leave you wanting the next book today." - Tabitha Caplinger, author of The Wolf Queen

"So since the second one is Addie facing the trials of the world, we get to read more about Decim. I loved the world building and the unique problems created for each area Addie visited. Heartbreaker is so good. Let me break it down for you. What I loved: The world building, the struggles Addie faces, the relationships especially Addie and Silas , the journey." - Stephany, Goodreads

"The action begins on page one and carries full-tilt through every chapter, taking readers from one conflict to another without sacrificing character development. There’s even a budding relationship for readers who enjoy a romance thread in their fantasy. If you enjoyed Heartmender, you don’t want to miss this book." - Lauricia, Goodreads

"This book is a fantastic sequel to the authors earlier book. The rapid pace keeps the story moving and the depth of symbolism continues to be impressive, as with the first book. The story flows simply, but has depth in subtle elements and how the story is weaved. I really enjoyed both books and I think you will too." - David, Goodreads 

"I absolutely LOVED seeing more of Decim. Burton takes us to a richly diverse world of many landscapes, people, and conflicts. I also loved seeing how Addie and Silas’s relationship continued to grow. My FAVORITE part of the book, though, was how Addie consulted a book when she needed to know what to do next on her travels, and it was a great reminder of how we consult the scriptures when we need to know what to do. The ending was phenomenal, just like Heartmender. And when she received her alme? Epic, all the way around. Ooh, and Lord Farmount is my guilty pleasure. I can’t wait to see how Burton wraps it all up in the third novel!" - Mary Gray, Co-owner, Monster Ivy


★★★★★  By M.H., Goodreads

The fact that the author made me feel so much is a testament to her ability.


★★★★★  By Laurie, Amazon

More adventure, more romance, more heartache - Heartbreaker took the high stakes and character growth from Book 1 and kicked them up a notch! I loved exploring more of this fascinating, vividly-described world and getting to know more about the characters and their histories. 

★★★★★  By Kait, Amazon

One can almost hear music as the buildup happens, and the reader’s veins seem to pulse with anticipation before the action begins. Several scenes swell with the kind of hopeful heroism we’ve come to expect from an Avengers movie. In fact, the Heartmender series as a whole would be so finely suited to an on-screen rendition that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were picked up for one in the next couple of years.

★★★★★  By Cammie, Co-owner, Monster Ivy

I loved going back to the land of Decim! Burton is so creative with her plot and magic systems and layers so much truth into her straightforward style. Can't wait for book three for sure!

★★★★  By Kell, Amazon

The world of Decim is beautiful and obviously very well thought out. Each new place that we visit is described vividly and has its own unique characteristics and appeal. It's the kind of world that you can tell the author planned out thoroughly and probably knows lots of details about that aren't even mentioned in the books. It has profound depth.


ISBN: 978-1948095341

Release date: September 2, 2020

Page count: 352

Genre: YA Fantasy

Tropes: Christian allegory, Coming of age, Quest