good girls stay quiet

Good Girls Stay Quiet

by Jo Cassidy

There's safety in silence...

Fifteen-year-old Cora Snow has a secret only her "Daddy" and her journal know about. Aside from Daddy, the only people Cora talks to are her teachers and imaginary friends. She obeys all of Daddy's commands, like calling him "Daddy," to keep him happy, and herself alive. Besides, it's the only normal she's ever known.

She's content in her bubble until one day her journal goes missing at school. In order to keep her secret, Cora is forced to befriend the students most likely behind the theft. Since she's never been friends with humans before, it makes acting naturally with them that much harder.

Soon, threats appear—blackmailing things like test answers and money in exchange for the journal. Cora has to break all the rules she's lived to keep her and Daddy's secret safe. His stormy moods add to the difficulty of meeting the blackmailer's demands, often getting her sent to timeout, aka a locked basement.

If Cora can't track down the blackmailer and destroy the journal, Daddy will get sent to jail, and if he has time, send Cora six feet under.




"I had so much to get done this week and reading Good Girls Stay Quiet was not at the top of that list. I ordered the paperback but then amazon offered me a few chapters to read while I waited for my book to come. I was hooked from the first page. I couldn't wait for my book to ship to my house. I went ahead and ordered the kindle version too! I had to explain to my husband why I bought two of the same book in the same day! I stayed up late two nights in a row to finish reading it. I loved the character. She's so self reliant on this dysfunctional relationship because sometimes what you know seems better than what you can imagine. But I love the sassiness and strength that slips out when she lets her guard down. In fact her adaptability to survive her circumstances is just a testament to her strength. This was a page turner for me. The mystery had me suspecting everyone. I've talked my new book club into reading this book and I'm excited to talk it over with others who have read it!" - Crystal, Amazon

"Good Girls Stay Quiet is an interesting exploration of generational abuse and Stockholm syndrome. Because of the frequent violence and isolation, Cora is naive and seems almost child-like, especially in the relationships she has with her stuffed imaginary friends. Daddy’s actions—and Cora’s too near the end of the book—are irrational and unpredictable, further results of their abuse and seclusion." - Vanessa, author and podcaster of Fabled

"It was intense and scary and exciting and so filled with emotion! I am grateful that the author kept the story at just the right amount of intensity without going too far. It was a clean read although it could trigger people who have suffered from abuse." - djdivine, Amazon

"This clean suspenseful Novel is a fun quick read. The main characters are well developed and the story line is interesting. I definitely recommend this book and have already sent one to my teenage niece." - jpaul, Amazon

"I read this in one sitting. Couldn't put it down!" - TxMomof5, Amazon

"I found this book riveting. From the first page to the last, the writer has you turning page after page, without wanting to put it down. I would recommend it to everyone. Good read!" - Ralph, Amazon

"I was like Cora, trying to figure out who stole the journal and was blackmailing her. I won't include spoilers, but I was SHOCKED at who the culprit was.
The storyline with her and Brendon as a potential love interest/friend was adorable." - ALW, Amazon

"Love, love, LOVE this book! I know it’s a YSA book and I’m 37 but I still found myself on the edge of my seat reading this and loving every minute of it. It’s got just the right amount of suspense. It’s never slow. AND, it’s totally clean. I recommend this book to anyone looking to lose sleep, because trust me, you won’t put it down, even if you’re dead tired!" - K.V., Amazon


★★★★★  By Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book

Jo Cassidy's Good Girls Stay Quiet is a powerful, thought provoking, intense read that left me reeling in the end. Cassidy's portrayal of Cora was haunting. Her naivete. Her innocence. Her unwaning desire to make "Daddy" happy. The psychological and physical abuse Cora endured left a lasting imprint on my soul. And that ending... In a story like this can there be a happy ending? ***This story deals with intense emotional and physical abuse but does not include sexual abuse. In my opinion, the story is suitable for teens

★★★★★  By Jenny, Black Words-White Pages

"I am strong, I am brave."-Cora
No truer words could ever be spoken. It has taken me a while to post my review because I had to do some serious thinking with this story. Due to the abuse I suffered from as a child, I had a really hard time reading this book. There were many times that I had to stop reading and remind myself that this is a fictional story with fictional characters and that it was not me. Now with that being said, I will begin my review leaving myself out of the equation.
The characters were phenomenal. Cora was such a strong and very brave character. Her light never seemed to dim during any of the abuse that she suffered through. I, of course, disliked "Daddy" a lot for his role in the story and the more I read, the more I grew to hate him. I had, as I mentioned above, a real connection with Cora. I had every feeler running through me as I read her story.

★★★★★  By Lynn, author of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel

Loved this book! My only disappointment was that my job got in the way of finishing it faster. This is one of those rare stories that keeps you reading, and makes you sad when it's over. This page turner is dramatic and suspenseful, but is ultimately clean enough for teens, and some mature tweens, to read. Can't wait to see more from this author.


★★★★★  By Jensen, Amazon

Stayed up until two in the morning to finish this book, I could not put it down.


ISBN: 978-1948095112

Release date: August 7, 2018

Page count: 317

Genre: YA psychological thriller

Tropes: Coming of age, Abusive parent, Imaginary friends