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Ava Kirkland knows three things for certain: One, Bradley will always be her BFF. Two, science is the best subject ever. Three, ghosts don't exist. Two out of three ain't bad.

Twenty years ago, Mosley Manor was left abandoned. The haunted house of White's Chapel, Tennessee, has become the local dare—the place kids sneak to see if they are brave enough to go inside. Ava isn't scared of Mosley Manor in the slightest. She believes in facts.

According to her, anyone who is scared of Mosley Manor should be ashamed. Unless that person is her best friend, Bradley. He gets a free pass because he's, well, he's been terrified of the house as long as Ava has known him. In fact, he was originally the person who told her about the house and all the ghosts inside.

Unfortunately for Ava, her parents decide to buy their first house (YAY!), and it ends up being Mosley Manor (no...). Ava isn't afraid of the place, just not happy about leaving her old rental house next to her BFF. It's also not wonderful that it's the only thing anyone at school wants to talk about.

Ava's brother starts acting even weirder than normal, Mama and Daddy never used to fight like this, and by golly, those upstairs doors have minds of their own.

Ava may not believe in ghosts, but they certainly believe in her.

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Adult Christian Romance


Bell is trying to find her way out of a famed brothel in New Orleans' red-light district when an unknown preacher walks into the parlor with one thing on his mind.


For fans of Redeeming Love with themes of Human Trafficking awareness and the healing power of God's love.


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Young Adult Fantasy

After finding out she is the Bellata—the prophesized warrior meant to save Decim—Addie, along with James, returns to Barracks to unite the Twelve Magisters.


(Heartmender #2)


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Adult Psychological Thriller


A woman with two personalities discovers her husband is missing... only to be accused of the murder while being watched by a small town secret society.


"My Top Read of 2020. Gray boldly takes on abuse, mental health, the small town hive mind, and racism ... with grace and dignity." - Lynn, 2 Girls & A Book


Young Adult Fantasy

In the land of Barracks, the economy thrives on the barter of their citizen's most precious commodity—a human heart.


Winner of the Next Generation Indie Award in YA. National Indie Excellence Award Finalist.


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Young Adult Fantasy


Twin brothers are ripped apart at birth to be raised at opposite ends of the world—and war.


For fans of Holly Black's The Cruel Prince and Sarah J. Maas' Tower of Dawn.



Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy


At Colony, no one knows where the children came from. No one talks about how they were babies when they were ripped from their parents to be raised in the Tin Can.


In the vein of The Giver, with a female protagonist. Book Utopia Award Finalist: Best Debut Novel


Harper ebook.jpg

Young Adult Dystopian Thriller


After the war of 2098, the United States is a chaotic mess. Terrorism abounds, and the government isn’t doing a very good job of keeping the people safe. Enter Harper.


Whitney Award Finalist. Penned Con Finalist for twistiest plot.



Young Adult Thriller

There's safety in silence...
Fifteen-year-old Cora Snow has a secret only her "Daddy" and her journal know about. Aside from Daddy, the only people Cora talks to are her teachers and imaginary friends.


Whitney Award Finalist.


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Young Adult Horror

Never go into Monkshood... unless your goal is to meet your Maker.


A YA Monster House with spooks and laughs. "I’ve never read a first-person narrative that was so fast-paced in all the right ways." - How To Be a Minimalist Podcast



Young Adult Horror


Local legend says Trinity Row is the house that won't die. Local legend isn't wrong.


Once Upon a Time 2020 Book Cover of the Year Winner and Best YA Paranormal Finalist.



Young Adult Paranormal

Tessa yearns for closure with her mom and brother after they are killed in a tragic accident, so she tries to contact them on the other side.


Latina American protagonist and Whitney Award Finalist.



Young Adult Paranormal Trilogy


Two sisters team up with a pair of hottie hunters to learn the truth about the Blurred Ones—and what makes them a taboo category of the supernatural.


For fans of the TV show, Supernatural. A story about sisters written by sisters & Co-owners of Monster Ivy


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Young Adult Historical Fiction


A delightfully dark French Revolution-era gothic romance about a young executioner who falls for the daughter of a woman he had to kill...


"The quirks of a shattered mind are a delicate dance to perfect, and Ms. Gray has done  it with aplomb!" - InD'tale Magazine



Young Adult Contemporary


High school student Camille Collins' favorite hobby is kissing her boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan's a decent guy, but he's got his sights on something more.


For fans of Easy A and To All The Boys I've Loved before.



Young Adult Dystopian


A group of teenagers are granted asylum from the apocalypse, only to be forced to reenact some of the most famous, tragic literary couples... or die.

A novel about escaping psychological abuse.

"Insanely intense." - 2 Girls & A Book


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Water destroys and revives. A gorgeous anthology of poetry and short stories.


Modern-day poetry for the whimsical reader.


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Middle Grade Horror

Ava Kirkland knows three things for certain: One, Bradley will always be her BFF. Two, science is the best subject ever. Three, ghosts don't exist. Two out of three ain't bad.


For fans of Goosebumps. Best Middle Grade in Book Utopia Awards.


storm sneezer.jpg

Middle Grade Fantasy

Rose Skyler sneezed a storm cloud at birth, so her life goals aren't abnormal. 

"This might be one of the best fantasy books for MG readers and younger teens that I've ever encountered." - Readers' Favorite, 5-star Review




The season isn’t what it seems.
While some are nestled cozy in their traditions, others are lost in darkness.

A macabre Christmas read.


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Non-fiction Writing Booklets


Mary Gray shares industry knowledge about writing in niche markets, specifically how to write faith-based messages for a secular market, clean yet scintillating romance, and dark and twisty plots to showcase the light.


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