Book Box Giveaways

Occasionally, we host a giveaway for one of our books. The winners receive one of our "book boxes"—boxes containing a special edition hardcover of the featured book as well as a variety of items related to the story. Scroll down to see all of our giveaways, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for when we launch a new one! 

The Devils You Meet On Christmas Day

by Katie Coughran, Vanessa K. Eccles, Mary Gray, and Cammie Larsen

The Ripper of

Monkshood Manor

by Mary Gray


by Jo Cassidy

Good Girls Stay Quiet

by Jo Cassidy

Willow Marsh

by Jo Cassidy

The Sisters of Bloodcreek Trilogy

by Mary Gray and Cammie Larsen


by V. Romas Burton

It Calls Me

by Katie Coughran

The Dollhouse Asylum

by Mary Gray

The Kiss List

by Sara Jo Cluff

Trinity Row

by Kelly Martin

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